CJA. Electronic Messaging (all) Policy

SPC employees are permitted to send system-wide email messages using the all@SPC electronic messaging within the following guidelines. All@SPC emails must be submitted to the Office of Information Services for review and approval.

The following messages are considered permissible to distribute through the College email system.

1. Administrative and operational notices, such as personnel announcements, meetings, power shut downs, policy announcements, etc.

2. Notices of official college events and college-sponsored off-campus events, such as athletic events, concerts, plays, student activities, student club and organization announcements, etc.

3. Personal announcements of a non-commercial nature pertaining to members of the SPC family, such as marriages, births, deaths, or illness.

4. Fundraising solicitations by student clubs and organizations and employee groups that benefit the causes of these groups, as approved by the College.

5. Announcements from ORP vendors and other vendors as authorized by the Human Resources Office. Announcements from Great Western Dining, Texas Book Company, and the Hockley County School Employees Credit Union are permitted.

The following messages are not permitted for distribution.

1. Notices that advertise or solicit sales of goods and services by non-SPC organizations and commercial firms.

2. Personal announcements of a commercial or sales nature, such as notices of garage sales, product sales parties, freelance services, etc.

3. Chain emails of any topic or nature.

4. Messages that promote any cause that would not be considered of interest to all SPC employees.

Questions pertaining to the administration of this policy should be directed to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Date issued: 9/19/06
Approved: Executive Council 9/18/06