DDB. Racial Harassment Policy

It is the policy of South Plains College to maintain an academic and working environment free from all forms of harassment and to insist that all students and employees be treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy.

Comments or conduct relating to a person's race or ethnic background, which fails to respect the dignity and feelings of the individual, are unacceptable.

Any behavior toward a student or employee by an employee, supervisor, or student that constitutes racial harassment will not be tolerated and will be disciplined.

Students believing that they have been victims of racial harassment should report such incident to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Employees should report incidents to the Director of Human Resources.

Every reported incident of racial harassment will be thoroughly and promptly investigated with the cooperation of the person being harassed.

Where charges of racial harassment are substantiated, appropriate corrective action will be taken. Appropriate actions might range from counseling to termination depending on the nature and gravity of the situation.


Amendment: Revision
Approved By: Executive Council
Nature of Revision: Position Change
Date Issued: 11/97