DDC. Due Process (Dismissal and Non Renewal)


Any employee may be dismissed for good cause before the completion of the term fixed in his or her contract. Contract employee maybe non-renewed at the end of their contract for any or no reason.


Due process for faculty is described in the Faculty Handbook located in Section E (Faculty and Instruction) of this manual.


Before administrative staff with term contracts are dismissed, the employee shall be given reasonable notice in writing of the proposed action.

If, upon written notification, the employee desires to be heard and to contest the proposed action, he or she shall give his or her supervisor written notice. The hearing shall be set on a date that affords the employee reasonable time to prepare an adequate defense.

The hearing panel shall consist of the appropriate Vice President, the dean of the division represented by the employee and one employee of the dismissed employee's choice. At the hearing, the employee has the right to hear the evidence upon which the charges are based, to cross examine all adverse witnesses and to present evidence of innocence or extenuating circumstances. Prior to dismissal, the panel shall determine the existence of good cause for termination. Such determination shall be based solely on the evidence presented in the hearing.


Non-contractual employees shall have no property right in their employment and may be dismissed at will.

The college may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason, except as otherwise provided by law.


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