DHB. Worker Compensation and Sick Leave

Employees who suffer work related injuries or illnesses are protected by Worker Compensation Insurance. The protection provides payment for medical expenses incurred from on-the-job injuries and illnesses. It also provides weekly compensation in accordance with the formula specified by the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission. (Note: None of the coverage’s offered by the Texas Employees Group Benefit Plan (GBP) administered by the Employee Retirement System of Texas applies to work connected injury and illness medical or lost work time expenses.)

Employees who have accumulated sick pay days may, if they so desire, use them while off work due to on-the-job illness and injury. However, the combination of college-provided sick pay and pay from Texas Worker Compensation Insurance cannot exceed one's regular college salary or pay rate. Should such occur, the college would reduce its portion of pay accordingly for each month's pay period.

When first reporting back to work from a lost-time, job-related accident or illness, the employee must present his/her supervisor with a written release from a licensed medical physician stating that the employee may resume all regular full-time duties.