DHBA. Maintaining a Safe Work Environment


To establish guidelines whereby South Plains College can provide a safe healthy environment for all employees. This policy applies to all employees of South Plains College.


South Plains College is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Successful safety and health programs require active participation by all employees, and College employees are accordingly advised of their role in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

1. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and that employees are expected to comply with federal, state, and College guidelines.

2. The accident reporting procedure will be followed in all cases, even those where there is no injury.

3. Safety hazards will be reported immediately to the supervisor who will then immediately report the same to the office of the Director of Physical Plant. If the supervisor is not available, the office of the Director of Physical Plant should be contacted directly.

4. Retaliatory or other measures taken against employees who report safety hazards will not be tolerated. Instigators of such actions will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures.

5. Employees who engage in unsafe work habits, or violate safety standards may be subject to disciplinary action.