DHBB. Accident or Injury Reports


To protect the safety and health of all employees and to comply with applicable federal and state laws. The policy applies at all South Plains College locations job-related injuries and illnesses, regardless of severity, should be reported immediately to the supervisor to obtain medical attention if necessary.


Safety is everyone's responsibility. Employees should report any unsafe conditions or circumstances to their supervisor to prevent accidents.

Job-related injuries or illnesses should be reported immediately.

1. If medical attention is needed, the employee or nearest bystander should contact the first-aid representative assigned to the location, i.e., Student Health Coordinator (Levelland) who will provide assistance and take emergency measures prior to transport to outside medical facilities if necessary.

2. If the first-aid representative is not immediately available, telephone the paramedics promptly at 9-911.

3. If medical attention is not needed, the employee must report to the supervisor for evaluation and appropriate documentation.

4. An incident/accident report must be completed and the original sent to the Human Resource Department. A copy should be kept by the supervisor.


Amendment: Administrative Procedure
Approved by: Executive Council
Nature of Revision:
Date Issued: 11/97