DHOA. Payroll Deduction


South Plains College will deduct the required amounts from employee compensation as follows:

Mandatory Deductions (required by law)

- Federal income tax.

- Social security tax.

- Medicare tax.

- TRS retirement (all eligible employees).

- ORP retirement (all eligible employees).

- IRS levy.

- Court orders withholding pay for child support, bankruptcy, etc.

Voluntary Deductions

- Optional insurance premiums.

- Hockley County School Employees Federal Credit Union.

- Contributions to retirement accounts.

- SPC Family Scholarship Fund.

- Others as may be established.

All payroll deductions will be summarized on the paycheck stub or direct deposit voucher. IRS Form W-2 will be issued to all employees summarizing earnings and taxes withheld from their pay during the calendar year.


Amendment: Replaces DHO
Authorized By: Executive Council
Nature of Revision: