DI. Retirement Policies


South Plains College recognizes that older employees have made their contributions to the college and the community, many of which have been significant. With continued good health and active mental abilities, most of them can continue to contribute to the college. The college desires all employees to reach retirement with dignity and make retirement a planned process rather than an abrupt event.

The college further recognizes that some employees should retire at an earlier age than others because of health difficulties. Others remain active, both mentally and physically, until late in life. Because of these variable factors the college reserves the right to request immediate retirement, at any age, of an employee where it becomes evident that continued employment, because of health factors is not in the best interest of the college. Generally, however, the college does not recognize that an employee's mental and physical fitness can be predetermined by age.


Generally retirement should commence at the end of the employee's contract year. For twelve-month full-time employees this is June 30, for nine and ten month faculty it is at the end of their contract. The rationale for this is that the full final year of employment would be computed into the final retirement benefits. All employees must wait one full calendar month after retirement before returning to employment.