DQG. Handbook Supplement. classified Part Time Cl


All appointments to positions in the classified personnel category shall be on the basis of merit and fitness and in keeping with the laws and regulations of the State of Texas and the Board of Regents.


The minimum rate of pay for this class shall normally be paid upon appointment to the class. This is an hourly rate of pay position. An employee will be paid only for actual time worked.


Salary adjustments within an established range shall not be automatic although periodic salary adjustments may be given to the employee. Merit pay adjustments may be considered should staff evaluations reflect unusual meritorious service.


Refer to DHD in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


All classified personnel shall participate in an annual evaluation during the last full week in April, conducted in conference with their supervisors. Periodic performance reviews may be conducted when appropriate.


All employees in the classified service shall be subject to reassignment from work at one physical location to comparable work at another location as the operating needs of the college require. Insofar as possible, such changes of stations shall be made with due consideration to preference of employees, but consideration of administration need shall be determinative. Unless reassignment is initiated by the college a new employee must hold an assignment at least six (6) months before becoming eligible for transfer.


The hours of work for Class A (Classified) employees are set by the immediate supervisor and shall not exceed 17 1/2 hours per week. They will be on duty only during the fall and spring semesters, any exception to this schedule must be approved by the Dean, Vice President and President.


Refer to DRA and DRB in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to DHK in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


All employees of the college are required to be covered by Old Age and Survivor's Insurance.


Refer to policy DHL in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to section DHD in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to DHF in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


An employee may resign in good standing by submitting his/her reasons for resignation in writing to his/her supervisor at least two (2) calendar weeks prior to the effective date of the resignation. All resignations shall be reported to the supervisor for approval by the President.


A Supervisor with his/her Dean's/Director's and appropriate member of the Executive Council's approval may demote and dismiss employees at will. At will employees can be discharged for any reason or no reason at all.


Appeals concerning rates of pay, classification of positions, hours of work, disciplinary action, and other conditions of employment may be made by the employee through established supervisory channels. In unusual cases, employee appeals may be referred for final decision to the President. Any employee has a right to make an appeal without prejudicing his employment at the college. An employee should consult with his/her supervisor concerning interpretations of the rules, working conditions, and other personnel matters, and should feel free at all times to discuss his/her problems with the supervisor.


College offices should practice common rules of etiquette of any good business. The following points are mentioned to guarantee the continuance of high professional office behavior.

1. No radios, TV sets, or similar entertainment items should appear in offices unless they are being used for formal instructional purposes or used to receive news of national importance.

2. No eating, smoking, or drinking should take place in offices occupied by secretaries since this detracts from the professional aspects of the college. No office will have coffee cups, soft drink bottles, and the like in evidence.

3. Lights must be turned off when offices are unoccupied.

4. Be very discreet in personal telephone visiting. For further detail refer to telephone/voicemail use policy.

5. One 15 minute break per day is allowed.


Your choice of clothing calls for good judgment. Although South Plains College does not have a set of restrictions, keep in mind business like attire is definitely preferred. This, of course, includes dresses and pantsuits and eliminates jeans, T-shirts, casual clothing and uncoordinated outfits