DRB. Holidays

The College observes seven (7) holidays each calendar year with pay for employees who are regularly assigned to work schedules of more than thirty (30) hours a week. The College President has the authority to adjust the actual observance of other holidays so as to permit efficient academic schedules.

The seven (7) holidays observed are:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Employees on leave of absence are not eligible for holiday pay.  Employees on FMLA who have paid time off available, are eligible for holiday pay. Employees who are not scheduled to work during periods in which holidays occur, are not eligible for holiday pay.  Employees paid on an hourly basis and scheduled for more than 30 hours per week, will be paid their normal one-day number of hours for legal holidays observed by the college (i.e. 9 month employees – 6 hours, 37.5 hour work week employees – 7.5 hours, 40 hour work week 8 hours, etc.).  On those occasions, when the college is closed on Friday after Thanksgiving and when the employee is not on-duty, holiday pay is not authorized.  For example, nine-month employees are not paid for Memorial Day or July 4.

For those eligible for holiday pay and who record time worked (non-exempt) for pay purposes, holidays are not considered as hours worked for overtime pay calculations. Employees in this category who are required to work on observed holidays, will be paid one times their regular number of hours (i.e. 9 month employees – 6 hours, 37.5 hour work week employees – 7.5 hours, 40 hour work week 8 hours, etc.), in addition to one and one half times the regular rate for hours worked on the holiday.


At the discretion of the President, certain breaks may be authorized to conform to academic scheduling of classes. Examples of such periods are Fall, Christmas, Easter and Spring Breaks. Such breaks from scheduled work are not guaranteed to occur year-to-year. Fall, Christmas, Easter and Spring breaks are paid days off only for 12 month employees scheduled to work a minimum of thirty seven and one half (37.5) hours per week.



Revised March 21, 2016