DRC. Supplemental Pay Procedure for Exempt Employees

In an effort to effectively support the purpose and mission of the College and to maximize the use of its human resources, there may be occasions where a current exempt employee may be the most appropriate resource to undertake a specialized assignment on a temporary basis and supplemental payment would be appropriate.  Such supplemental pay may be provided through restricted (grant) or unrestricted (institutional) funds, provided such funds are available.  Supplemental pay is not intended to provide additional compensation for time and effort that is clearly inside normal office hours and the normally assigned job description.


Prior Approval:  In all cases, prior approval must be obtained from the employee, the immediate supervisor, the appropriate Dean, Director or Coordinator, the appropriate grant administrator (if applicable), the appropriate Vice President and the President.

Qualifying the Request: At all levels of the prior approval process, the following conditions should be considered:

  • Is there a clear benefit to the College?
  • Is this the most efficient use of human resources for this assignment?
  • Will the time and effort for this project be done substantially outside the normal working hours for this employee?
  • Will this assignment create an undue burden on the employee or create a substantial detriment to the regular duties of this employee?
  • Is this assignment substantial in its addition to the current work load?
  • Is this assignment substantially outside of the current job description?
  • Are there adequate and dedicated funds for the compensation?
  • Is this assignment temporary and short-term in nature?
  • Is there a defined start and end date for the assignment?

Post Approval for Payment: In all cases, a post-approval must be signed by all persons involved in the prior approval process in order for compensation to be paid.

Supplemental Pay Form for Exempt Employees: The Supplemental Pay Form will be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources for final payment and inclusion in the appropriate personnel file.

Compensation Rate: In all cases, the rate of compensation will be recommended by the appropriate divisional Vice President and final approval will be made by the President.  Rates will be based on criteria including but not limited to historical rates, employee’s current rate of pay, and/or current market rates.

Time and Effort Logs: In all cases, a time and effort log will be maintained to document actual work on the project. T&E logs will be maintained by the immediate supervisor.

Date issued: 9/19/06
Approved: Executive Council 9/18/06