FAC. Academic Appeals Procedure

South Plains College provides a separate process that allows students the opportunity to address grievances of an academic nature.  These appeal procedures include an informal and formal process outlined as follows.


I. Appeal Restrictions

  1. Only final grades or dismissal resulting from academic discipline will be considered.
  2. The instructor’s teaching ability or expertise will not be considered during the hearing.
  3. No grade or disciplinary action can be formally appealed after a period of six (6) months from the date that the student is informed.

II. Informal Appeal

  1. The student should schedule an appointment with the instructor of the course to discuss the final grade or discipline action.
  2. If the student is still not satisfied, he/she should schedule an appointment with the appropriate department chairperson to discuss the situation. (The chairperson may request that the instructor also be present.)
  3. If the student is still not satisfied, he/she should schedule an appointment with the Divisional Dean to discuss the situation. (The dean may request that the chairperson also be present.)
  4. If the student is still not satisfied, he/she should be advised of the formal appeal process.

III. Formal Appeal

  1. If the student is not satisfied with the results of the informal appeal, he/she should provide the following information, in writing, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs:
    1. A request for a formal appeals hearing.
    2. A brief statement of what is being appealed.
    3. The basis for the appeal.
    4. Pertinent facts relating to the appeal.
      The agenda of the appeals hearing will include only those factors documented in the student’s appeal request letter.
  2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will determine the date, time and place of the hearing, and notify the student accordingly.

IV. The Hearing

  1. Composition of the appeals committee:
    1. Vice President for Academic Affairs will preside over the hearing.
    2. Faculty member of the student’s choice.
    3. Faculty member and student selected by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    4. President of Student Government Association.
    5. Dean of Students.
  2. Other persons who should be available at the hearing:
    1. The student who requested the hearing.
    2. The faculty member involved.
    3. Anyone the student or faculty member wishes to be present to substantiate the case.
    4. Chairperson and Instructional Division Dean.
  3. Hearing procedure: The committee will hear the student’s appeal during which the parties to the controversy and such representatives as desired, will present all facts relating to the case. By majority vote, the committee will decide to sustain, amend or reverse the previous decision.
  4. The decision of the committee is final and completes the academic appeals procedure.